A transformative prayer leader and musician, Deborah Sacks Mintz has served innovative institutions around the country as a teacher of Torah and communal Jewish music. As the Community Singing Consultant of Hadar’s Rising Song Institute, Deborah serves as a resource to those seeking to cultivate the grassroots musical and spiritual creativity of the Jewish people.


In addition to composing new Jewish music, Deborah can be found regularly performing and recording with a myriad of musicians and ensembles. A Wexner Graduate Fellow, Deborah is pursuing rabbinical ordination at the Jewish Theological Seminary.



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The Narrow and The Expanse

Deborah Sacks Mintz and the Hadar Ensemble

Rising Song Records

Deborah offers a collection of songs written for moments of introspection and elation, joy and brokenness, communal singing and heart-opening prayer. These songs employ both traditional texts and the meditative practice of the nigun—the wordless melody—to search for access to that which we may struggle to seek. 


Min Hameitzar

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Makom Bina

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Dodi Li

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Lecha Dodi - Awakening Nigun

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Eli Atah - Nigun Nadav

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Barkhi Nafshi - Nigun Gevura

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Pitchu Li

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A sensitive vocalist with a passion for thoughtful harmonies, Deborah is a sought-after collaborative musician. Her ease and versatility in a broad range of styles (from Ashkenazi nigunim and Sephardi piyyutim to chazzanut and contemporary folk) has led her to become a frequent collaborator of some of the leading voices in Jewish music. She has performed and recorded with innovative artists including Joey Weisenberg, Elana Arian, Chava Mirel, and Josh Warshawsky.

Shir Hamaalot, Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble

Lincoln's Nigun, Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble

Sefirat HaOmer, written by Rabbi Yosef Goldman

Nachamu, with New Moon Rising, written by Elana Arian

Anim Zemirot, written by Josh Warshawsky

Makom Bina, performed with Shir Yaakov Feit

Shiru Ladonai (Ps. 96), B'nai Jeshurun, New York, NY

Featuring Dan Nadel, Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer, and Hazzan George Mordecai.

El Adon, Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble




Whether you are a layleader or clergy member, song facilitator or participant, Deborah will partner with you to explore and deepen the skill set of empowered prayer and connective song through her dynamic and innovative workshops.


Click here for Deborah's full range of workshop offerings




January 29-31, 2021.        Scholar in Residence                                   Congregation Agudat Achim - Schenectady, NY

January 30, 2021              Shabbat Shirah Havdalah Concert             Sacred Sounds Unbound - Los Angeles, CA

7:00PM PST/

10:00PM EST

February 14, 2021.           Artist in Residence                                       Orange Country CSP - Orange County, CA  

7:00PM PST/

10:00PM EST

March 6, 2021                  New Moon Rising:                                        Woodland Community Temple, White Plains, NY

8:00PM EST                     Jonah Macabee Concert


March 17 and 24, 2021   Singing at the Water's Edge:                       Hadar Institute - New York, NY

8:15 pm EST                    The Music of Miriam

March 20, 2021              Music in the Afterglow:

8:30 PM EST                  Women's Voices from Around the World      B'nai Jeshurun - New York, NY

April 12 & May 3, 2021  Iyar Healing Concert Series

8:00 PM EST

June 20, 2021                BackYard Live:                                                 IN PERSON - West Philadelphia, PA

4:00 PM EST                  Deborah Sacks Mintz and R' Ariel Wolpe.   Register Now

September 29-October 9       High Holiday Shaliach Tzibbur, B'nai Jeshurun                    New York NY

December 9                           Joey Weisenberg and the Hadar Ensemble in Concert           Boston, MA



Deborah has a voice that can melt your heart. Her prayer leading is deep and soulful and her teaching is inspiring.

Rabbi David A. Schuck

Beth El Synagogue Center, New Rochelle, NY


Deborah is an amazing singer, composer, spiritual leader, and musical collaborator who brings her creative energy to the Jewish soundscape.  A skilled leader, harmonizer and listener, she and her music shine both in and out of the spotlight. With her rich singing in the Hadar Ensemble, Deborah has already shaped the sound of many of our albums, and is now bringing her musical-spiritual vision and melodies to communities throughout North America as a traveling scholar/consultant with Hadar’s Rising Song Institute.  Bring Deborah to your community soon!

Joey Weisenberg

Creative Director, Hadar’s Rising Song Institute

As a workshop facilitator, Deborah creates a safe space in which failure feels like an opportunity to grow. She takes the time to learn from each of her students, and encourages them to share. Deborah has the ability to find a balance in gently holding space and empowering participants to feel confident in sharing music or Torah, regardless of their background. As she holds a wealth of knowledge in both rabbinic & musical study, Deborah is incredibly gifted at simplifying challenging information to a size that feels digestible, without making her students feel inadequate, nor losing any of the nutrients of the topic. She possesses humor, grace, and the ability to welcome anyone with warmth and meet them where they are - all of which allow her to be a great educator and musician.  


Aleya Schwartz

Prayer Leadership Workshop participant

Deborah has an enormous natural talent that was easily and effectively applied to the education of my community. She energized us through her innovative programs, great music, and inspiring personal presence.

Rabbi Ethan Linden

Director, Camp Ramah in the Berkshires 


Deborah did an incredible job crafting and leading Shabbat morning services and Hallel for our son's Bar Mitzvah. The davening was just magical.  It is not just that her voice is beautiful, but she davened with such meaning and kavanah that the service became a true spiritual experience.  For me, and for all those who attended from across the religious spectrum, her leading just cannot be is truly the way prayer is meant to be prayed.

Jeff Feig

New York, NY


Deborah is a creative, dynamic, and spiritual leader, and excellent family educator. As an experiential educator, Deborah has a unique ability to inspire parents and children to build more meaningful relationships with each other and with Jewish tradition as they engage in Jewish life and learning.

Rabbi Shira Koch Epstein

Executive Director, 14th Street Y



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